YCCD Login – How do I manage my Account Settings?

Managing YCCD Login Account Settings

From within YCCD Login Account Management, you can view and change the setting for your account.

In each of the section below, we will go over each section explaining the functionality of each setting in plain English.

Account Settings:

YCCD Login Account Details and Activity

You can access the ‘Account Management’ page from your YCCD Login Dashboard (see Figure 1 below) by clicking on the ‘Manage Your Account Settings‘ link located on the top-right side of the screen.

The ‘Account Details & Activity’ page (see Figure 2 below):

  1. Shows you the date and days remaining until it expires.  The link below the date labeled ‘Change now’ give you the ability to change the password at any time.
  2. The ‘Last Login’, ‘Last Password Change’, and ‘Last Password Reset’ rows display the date and the time of the most recent activity that has occurred within your account.


Figure 1: YCCD Login Dashboard ScreenshotScreenshot of PortalGuard Account Management Dashboard


Figure 2: Account Management ScreenshotScreenshot of PortalGuard Account Management Account Details

YCCD Login Challenge Questions

This section (see Figure 3 below ) allows you to change or clear answers to your security questions.

During the first time you logged into Portal, you picked and answered these questions.

Should you ever forget your password and you do not have Multi-Factor Authentication setup, you will be prompted to answer to two of five questions during the password reset process.


Figure 3: ‘Challenge Questions’ Section of Account Management PageScreenshot of PortalGuard Account Management Challenge Questions

Registered Email Address

The ‘Registered Email Address’ is your alternative email address, therefore, it cannot be your yccd email address.  It can be used to reset forgotten password and to send OTP (one-time-password) for accounts that have Multi-Factor Authentication enabled.

This section (see Figure 4 below) will display the alternative email address you have setup and the date that the email address was confirmed on.

This section will also allow you to change the alternative email address. This is done by clicking on the ‘Change my email’ link and then confirming the email address on the following screen.


Figure 4: Registered Email Address ScreenshotScreenshot of PortalGuard Account Management Registered Email Address

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