How do I forward my emails to my personal email address?

#1 — log into (Your college supplied Office 365 Account). Use your Webadvisor Credentials to log in. Here you find out how to obtain your YCCD login credentials

#2 – on your “home screen” click on the “gear icon” on the top right of the menu bar to access your settings

email screen

#3  In the Settings dialog — enter “forwarding” in the “Search all settings” field on the right panel on your screen. Then click on the “Forwarding” topic returned in the search results

Email screen shot

#4  enter the email address you wish to forward to. Important — make sure you accurately enter in the correct email address. Take your time.

email forwarding screen


#5  Test by sending an email to your address.  Make sure the email is forwarded correctly.  If you have any difficulties or have questions, contact us