These instructions pertain to the Woodland Community College Campus; the Yuba College Campus, and the Sutter County Campus.

YCCD Meraki WiFi Information

WPA2-Enterprise Used to Connect to the student and staff WiFi (SSID: YCCD WiFi)

  • This uses your current WebadvisorID and password to access the campus WiFinetwork
  • If you enter your login credentials and select to remember the connection / connect automatically on this device, your login credentials will be stored and should not have to be entered again unless you change devices or your password changes.
  • If you travel to any YCCD campus, you will not have to re-enter your credentials to login.

YCCD Acceptable Use Policy

  • The Meraki WiFinetwork will prompt you to accept this policy once every 90 days.
  • Ensure that you open your internet browser and attempt to browse in order to accept the acceptable use policy, or you will not be connected.
  • If you still have no connection, disconnect from the YCCD WiFi SSID and attempt to connect again and check the acceptable use policy instructions on the last page of this document.

Network SSIDs

  • Students and staff, please use the YCCD WiFi network SSID for your network access. The GUEST access speed is much more limited.

All Campuses

  • YCCD WiFi: Student and Staff network for personal-devices

Guest SSIDs (No login credentials required)

  • YC Guest : Yuba College Main Campus guest network
  • WCC Guest : Woodland Community College Main Campus guest network
  • LCC Guest : Lake County Campus guest network (PLANNED NOT YET INSTALLED)
  • SCC Guest: Sutter County Center guest network
  • CCOF Guest : Colusa County Outreach Facility guest network (PLANNED NOT YET INSTALLED)
  • YCCD Guest: District Office guest network

Connecting From a Laptop / PC

WiFi Windows Instruction Graphic


WiFi Winows WiFi connection graphic


Connecting From an Android Phone

Android WiFi instructions

Connecting From an Iphone/ IOS Device

iOS WiFi instructions

To login and connect to the Internet, you must accept the YCCD Acceptable Use Policy