Voice Mail Guide

This communication is intended for our current voice mail system users.  If you don’t currently utilize voice mail please disregard this message.

Next week on Thursday night October 19th, current voice mail users will be moved to the new AVST voice mail solution in order to mitigate the continual issues we are experiencing with our decade old unsupported Avaya voice mail messaging system.  So, when you arrive on Friday the 20th, your extension will be on the new voice mail system.  I’ve included a cheat sheet of basic voice mail commands that should guide you in using the new system, though we have made every effort to ensure that it functions the same as our current one so there should be very few differences, if any.   

One thing to note for ALL users going to the new system:  All old voice mail boxes and messages will be unavailable, so if you have saved voice mail messages please review them and transcribe to paper those that you want to save before Thursday night. Additionally, as you access the voice mail system for the first time you will need to setup your new greeting and access password (a software wizard will guide you on your first attempt in voicemail).  Once you dial the standard voice mail access number “1799”, the wizard will walk you through this process.  The first thing the setup wizard will ask you is for a security code — please enter “0000”

After that, all new voice mails will be received on the new system and will require your new password to access them.

While we’ve done our best to reduce the chance of issues during this voice mail implementation, as with all new system implementations, we may run into a few issues.  If you have challenges please call the help desk at extension 6981 so that we may assist you in resolving any challenges.   We appreciate you patience during this process.

Please refer to the see the AVST cheat sheet for the basic commands (they should mimic our current system as closely as possible).

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