PortalGuard Login Page

PortalGuard Login Page

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What is your YCCD login?

  • Your YCCD login is the first initial of your last name (capitalized) + your 7 digit student/employee ID number.
      —-  (i.e. P0000001) This number can be found on your class schedule/paycheck stub.
  • If you do NOT know your 7 digit number you can look it up here.

What is your YCCD password?

  • If you have logged into any of our YCCD systems, use that same password to log into PortalGuard.
  • If you are new to YCCD and have NEVER logged into any our YCCD Systems, your default password schema is:

    First letter of your legal first name (Uppercase)

    +  First letter of your legal last name (Lowercase)

    +  Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number     (if no SSN, then use last 4 digits of Colleague ID #)

    +  2 digit designation of your birth month (e.g., April = 04)

  • If you have still cannot login, please reset your password and try again.
    • Quick Tip: When changing your password there are new Password Complexity Rules – your new password must satisfy the following rules:
      • Must be at least 8 characters long
      • Must have at least 1 lowercase character
      • Must have at least 1 uppercase character
      • Must have at least 1 numeric character

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