2018-02-09: Updated: New Groups features coming in the Outlook mobile app; Outlook Groups app will be retired

Groups is an important part of making teamwork effortless inside Outlook and Office, and we’re pleased to announce that we’re focusing our efforts on expanding functionality inside the Outlook mobile app. In fact, you can already find and collaborate with all your groups inside the Outlook mobile app. Because of our investments in groups functionality for the Outlook mobile app, we’ve decided to retire the standalone Outlook Groups app.

How does this affect me?
On March 26, 2018, the Outlook Groups app will be removed from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Microsoft Store. Current app users will still be able to use it between mid-March and May 1, 2018. The Outlook Groups app will then stop functioning for all users on May 1, 2018. Anyone who attempts to open it will be greeted with a message directing them to download the Outlook mobile app. Groups functionality is not affected in Outlook on the web, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2016 for Mac, or any other Office application. These changes are part of both our continued efforts to refine Microsoft 365 as the universal toolkit for teamwork and the investments we’re making in Microsoft Teams and Yammer.

For more information please visit https://support.office.com/en-us/article/outlook-groups-app-is-retiring-17ef4874-8b2a-4176-8c7e-998997c68334?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US

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